Sapa is a mountain town in the North West of Vietnam. It has been one of our favourite town so far in Vietnam and here is a selection of 18 pictures of this beautiful area.

Composed with numerous trekking opportunities, villages and famous to be the center of the local town minorities, Sapa has a mild climate and will now how to enchant you.

IMG_8919 copy

IMG_9065 copy

IMG_8914 copy

IMG_9113 copy

IMG_8892 copy

IMG_9162 copy

IMG_8899 copy

IMG_9021 copy

IMG_8904 copy

IMG_9004 copy

IMG_9111 copy

IMG_8907 copy

IMG_8958 copy

IMG_9048 copy

IMG_9192 copy

IMG_9102 copy

IMG_9238 copy

IMG_9008 copy


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