Ha Long

From all those places we have seen in Vietnam… Ha Long had to be also here, on our page.

It’s very difficult to show how beautiful this place is, pictures can’t do it any justice but it’s our job to try to show you what you can’t miss and why this place has a well deserved spot in the UNESCO heritage sites.

So here are 20 pictures of Ha Long!

IMG_8237 logo

IMG_7988 copy

IMG_8090 copy

IMG_8028 copy

IMG_8250 copy 2

IMG_8299 copy

IMG_8254 copy 2

IMG_8326 copy 2

IMG_8286 logo

IMG_8351 logo

IMG_7998 copy

IMG_8453 logo

IMG_8295 logo

IMG_8503 copy 2

IMG_8582 copy 2

IMG_8558 copy 2

IMG_8612 copy 2

IMG_8562 copy 2

IMG_8669 copy 2

IMG_8679 copy 2


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