Cat Ba

Cat Ba Island is located not far from Halong city and Halong bay. Easy to get too through a ferry if you have some time in Vietnam you should not miss the place!

Known mainly for the outdoor sports you can find there and all the young backpackers going around there is much more to it! Cat Ba owns a beautiful national park and the nature is gorgeous there. Add to it numerous caves that you will explore on your own with a torchlight (proper “adventure”) and some deserted beaches, the place is fabulous.

Here is our pictures of the area that might, hopefully, make you go too!

IMG_8728 copy 2


IMG_8749 copy


IMG_8752 copy

IMG_8844 logo

IMG_8809 copy 2

IMG_8841 copy 2

IMG_8806 copy 2

IMG_8836 copy 2

IMG_8799 copy 2

IMG_8833 copy 2

IMG_8817 copy 2

IMG_8769 copy 2


IMG_8761 copy


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