2013 in 10 highlights

2013 was quite a year… And I know I’ve said I wouldn’t make that kind of post but then… I just couldn’t stop myself anymore. I had to go through my memories and remember 13 facts of 2013 that could make you laugh or make you incredibly jealous. Obviously I would have rather focus on the second one but 2013 was what it was!

1/ I’ve got bitten by a penguin


Some of you know me and know how much I love penguins so when Robb got me a “meet the penguins” present I couldn’t have been happier. Feeding them, coming near them, a dream. But then I learned a lesson: penguins bite… And it hurts a lot! So note to myself: do NOT keep the fish in your hand if you want to keep your fingers! Vicious creatures…

2/ I sat on 2 thrones


IMG_7132 copy

Yes 2 thrones! I rule so many kingdoms now… We had a chance to go and see the GoT (Game of Thrones) exhibition in Amsterdam where we sat on the Iron Throne. Later this year we also sat on a throne in Hue this time all dressed up.

3/ I went canyoning...


… and I seriously didn’t like it! I mean not only my legs can proove it with the amount of bruises and blood that was there but I was just terrified the entire way… Clearly I’m not doing that again (ever… seriously…no!)


4/ I stopped using my camera on the A setting.


Best…thing…ever… I mean the Automatic is alright I guess but discovering the Manual and what I could finally do with it? Amazing and such a great feeling! Makes you feel so good about yourself when you check your pictures!

5/ I only screamed 50 times.

That’s quite an achievement don’t you think? I mean between the cockroaches in the room in Hue, the lezard in the bathroom at night in Saigon and the numerous time I thought I was going to die while abseiling a waterfall or on the back of the bike while 2 buses were driving on our side of the road I think it’s quite a good achievement!

6/ I definitively discovered that Indian food was not my kind of food.

Yep… That’s the promise of some fun times in 2014… The more I try the sicker I get when I try Indian food. And when your boyfriend is an Indian food lover well… It makes the sacrifice even greater when you go to an Indian restaurant. It’s commitment ladies & gentlemen, it tells you how much I love that guy! As soon as I open the door of an Indian restaurant I cry a bit thinking of the night I’m gonna have.

7/ I did not get over my fear of needles.

One of the perks of travelling is that you need some shot before you leave. I thought that maybe with time I’ll get better and that needles wouldn’t scare me so much. I was wrong. Yep… Ask the nurse…

8/ I got engaged!


I had to have a happy one after all those terrible stuff! We got engaged on a beautiful cruise in Halong Bay. And now starts the questions from the family “When?” “Where?” Yeahhh…

9/ I developped a new technique the “Shoot on a bike”

IMG_6915 copy

Nothing to do with drugs.Just after 3 months in Vietnam I became pretty good at taking pictures on the back of the bike. It’s quite a technique to hold your bag, shoot with the camera and zoom if needed!

10/ I left most of my possessions behind.

2013 was also the big moment for us when we left the house and sold everything. Now my possessions can hold in a box and in my backpack. Bye bye useless clothes, bye bye useless and weird stuff I owned, don’t need you anymore!

So now bring it on 2014 I’m ready for you!


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