[Photos] Paradise Cave

We made our way to Paradise Cave recently and we had to share with you some pictures and our impression of this amazing place.

IMG_7469 copy

First we’ll start with some “wikipedia” informations: what is Paradise Cave? The cave was discovered by a local in 2005 and this cave was explored by some British explorers not long after, the whole 31 km was explored and publicly announced by the British cave explorers. This cave is 31 km long. The height can reach to 100 m and 150 wide. Only the

IMG_7471 copy

first km can be seen by tourists. You get to the cave on a little golf cart and then climb for 500m to the entrance. Walk down 300 steps and here you are, in this amazing cave that will make you feel so small. Now to be honest I think that was the most impressive thing I have ever seen in my life. What nature can do is just so surprising sometimes. Being there, where things went on for thousands of year… Almost makes you feel young suddenly ! Anyway, the walk up there was worth it, as was the ticket entrance fee (120.000 dongs pp) and I’ll leave you with some pictures to get an idea of what I’m talking about:

IMG_7475 copy

Huge stalactites formation at the entrance of Paradise cave.

IMG_7483 copy

Plants are starting to grow in the cave, who knows how long the seeds have been here!

IMG_7501 copy

IMG_7502 copy

IMG_7507 copy

IMG_7511 copy

IMG_7519 copy

IMG_7520 copy

IMG_7532 copy

IMG_7533 copy

Little pools of water near a stalactites formation.

IMG_7541 no logo

IMG_7543 copy

IMG_7551 copy

IMG_7552 copy

IMG_7560 copy

An early Chritsmas tree! The crystal sound of the drops of water falling on it was beautiful.

We do hope you liked the pictures and all I can say is: if you want to go somewhere in the world, forget Paris, forget New-York, come to Vietnam! You’ll get the beaches, the mountains, the jungle, caves, everything!

IMG_7563 copy


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