The road to Phong Nha [Preview]

From Hue we left for a 2 days trip to Phong Nha where we will be visiting the caves.

The camera on the back of the bike and we left on the road for 2 days.

From the tombs in the South of Hue to the caves in Phong Nha passing by the DMZ, some rice paddies, villages and friendly faces, we thought we would share a little selection of pictures with you before doing a proper article and before.

Day 1 (Hue to Dong Ha):

IMG_7098 copy IMG_7105 copy IMG_7116 copy IMG_7130 copy IMG_7132 copy IMG_7158 copy IMG_7244 copy IMG_7261 copy IMG_7291 copy IMG_7326 copy IMG_7332 copy IMG_7333 copy IMG_7351 copy

Day 2 (Dong Ha to Phong Nha):

IMG_7361 copy IMG_7373 copy IMG_7426 copy IMG_7430 copy IMG_7451 copy


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