[Ho Chi Minh Trail] A long adventure

Some of you might wonder why we haven’t written and published in a while? Well I can find a lot of excuses: the weather is just awful in Hue (which means no pictures, which does depress me a lot), we are still resting from a long journey and we are just… lazy too.

The journey, let’s talk about this! While the first day was alright, grey, a bit of rain, but easy to survive to and quite enjoyable, the second one has been nothing like it…

While on the first hour I was able to keep my camera on the back of the bike and shoot as much as possible, when the heavy rain started it was the end… Camera in the bag, rain cover on the bag and on me and we were on the road for 200km under heavy rain passing in the mud, trying to not fall. Good point: I only thought I was going to die 4 times!

The landscape did look amazing, the jungle in  those mountains at 1800m were gorgeous but I still love my camera too much to kill it for one single shoot. Waterproof all you want, taking your camera out would have been the same than taking it out and putting it in your bath. Yeah… You wouldn’t do that would you?

Anyway… I still got some pictures for you of our trip. It is, again, very grey, but that’s the best I could do.

We left in the morning, 08.30, ready for the first part of the adventure. On the way to P’rao, near the Laos borderwith Chau, our easy rider guide and our good  Desmond,  we stopped couple of times, up to My Son:

IMG_6741 copy IMG_6747 copy IMG_6751 copy IMG_6757 copy

My Son as been destroyed quite a lot by the time and by the war. As you can see: not much remains. It used to be the biggest Cham complex. The place is crowded by tourists so if you want to pay a visit try early in the morning!

Back on the road we had to stop near some rice fields to play with the Water Buffalos (gosh I love those guys!) so I could take some pictures before climbing back on the bike.

IMG_6773 copy IMG_6776 copy IMG_6778 copy IMG_6780

In case you wonder: no water buffalo on the next image just us an Desmond (and our bags too)


We had to stop again, in the bit of rain and the mud we almost lost the fuel cap that, thankfully, we found back and gave me a chance to this shot.


My love of waterfalls (except when I’ve got to abseil them) forced me to take some pictures of this one while Robb was happily swimming in the natural pool that the water did form. How stupid of me for not going! I thought I’ll be too wet on the bike well 20min later I was, thanks to the rain!

IMG_6829 IMG_6863

We did meet some lovely people on the way like this grandma and her daughter and this family from a minority that offered us some tea before going back to, yes you did guess, the rain!IMG_6801 IMG_6866 IMG_6870

This minority village comes from a tradition of hunters so… we had a chance to “play” with some animals skulls. Old one at least  (thankfully), the tradition of hunting has been lost but they keep some skulls to create alters for their dead.

IMG_6873 IMG_6876 IMG_6877 IMG_6881

And then? We got to P’rao, stopped at the hotel, had food and died all on our bed before we had to rise and shine at 6.00 in the morning for our second part of the trip which could have been amazing if it didn’t rain so bad…

We departed early and started the ride with a very grey sky but, thankfully no rain. So that’s where those shot are from. I took my camera on hand and on the back of the bike started to shoot what I could.

IMG_6884 copy

We got to the Ho Chi Minh Trail where Robb proudly posed before going back on the road.

IMG_6892 copy IMG_6919 copy IMG_6921 copy IMG_6929 IMG_6947 IMG_6966

And, luckily enough, had a chance to go through an amazing nature surrounding us. And then it rained. And then… That was it. There is not much to show but if you want to do this trip: do it! When the weather is nice it will be amazing! And take a guide, don’t go by yourself: you wouldn’t find a way!

IMG_6915 copy

I’m leaving you with me shooting myself on the back of the bike. And we are going back for a rest. It’s still raining, my body still hurts, damn I’m feeling old!


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